our CEO Michael J Lis designed a structured approach to social media and brought together like-minded individuals specializing in storytelling. the end result was SPECK Media. 


All we do is social media, and the proof is in our people, our process and the end results we deliver to clients.


Every project we do is based on the needs and aspirations of your customers as we develop a deeper understanding of how social media can be leveraged to change the economics of your business. 


Why is social media worth investing in? Today’s business success ultimately requires participation in the conversations that are taking place online. These conversations are happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. 



social media used to be easy... now it's a lot tougher.

why did things get so tough?


1. Unrealistic strategic goals. Many companies buy into the “if you build, they will come” approach to social media. They think that by embracing social media, it will automatically attract a lot of people. This belief is skewed by the success of a small number of companies such as Starbucks and Ford, which have millions of fans/followers. Too many people forget, however, these success stories are anomalies or outliers.


2. Selecting the wrong social media channels. Just because Facebook has more than 1 billion users doesn’t mean it works for every company. A key consideration for most companies when they explore getting into social media is having a handle on where their customers and potential customers spend their time online, and what, if any, social media services, they are using. You have to fish where they’re biting, which may mean not using Facebook because your customers aren’t there.


3. A failure to execute tactically. The easy part of social media is listening and creating a strategy; the difficult part is working social media on a daily basis. It’s grunt work and a lot of blocking and tackling. It involves investing hours to build relationships, engage with people and participate in conversations. In other words, it is more than just diligently tweeting or posting to a Facebook Wall. If not enough time or effort is invested, the results won’t happen.


4. The lack of engaging good creative content. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, are tools that need to be fueled by content to make them resonate with users. Whether it is contests, photos, videos, compelling stories or polls, content helps make social media sink or swim.



just because things are tough doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. 


Our approach simplifies social media so that both large and small companies not only understand it but can use it to accomplish their goals. 


We help clients build (what we call) a House Model. The House Model illustrates what you want to accomplish as either a social media manager for a large company or a small business owner. We have learned that planning makes perfect.


Our approach teaches you how to be a star like big brands and it addresses how social media works:


- The fundementals

- Social media behaviors for the demographics you want to reach

- Why story telling is important to attracting users


We know that social media plays a role in a much larger marketing picture: Paid, Owned and Earned media. We teach clients how to use tools like social media advertising, mobile applications and email marketing intergration to work in conjunction with organic social media. And if our clients don't already have these tools we can provide them.

most importantly, we are about helping you understand how social media can help your business today.



journalism majors, designers, social media experts and much more 


Naperville, Illinois and Las Vegas, Nevada


social media capabilites 

from influencers to brand management we have you covered



tons of industry experience and working knowledge of social media

We believe that social media is your best investment. 

start seeing the value in social media


investigate for yourself.

Most importantly we are a small and nimble firm that adjusts to clients needs. Providing creative ideas and a simple plan to create a social media presence that is completely unique.

We have seen what works and what doesn’t - and we want to share these experiences with you.

In the end - our clients, become our partners in social media success.

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