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Video will dominate social media in 2017

If you aren’t using video yet on social media, START NOW!

I could probably conclude this blog post with the above title but I feel like I need to give an explanation of why video will dominate social media in 2017.

Let’s take a look back on the quick evolution of social media post types. At the start it was text, simple easy text ruled social. Things like… “I love the Patriots” or “I went to go see my doctor yesterday, and it wasn’t pretty”. These simple texts were later accompanied by text + hashtag + links to a website. Stuff like… I love the Patriots and check out some of their #overhyped gear

Two years ago that wasn’t enough anymore. Images replaced everything. If your post or tweet didn't contain an image, it wasn’t going to get noticed. Two years ago we saw the advent of every type of image you could find and then later in the year animated gifs weaseled their way into posts as well. This way, not only could you see a Patriot’s post but you saw Tom Brady going back and forth throwing a football a million times.

That brings us to 2017 and video. You could probably blame Snapchat for all of this. Millennial’s needed to escape Facebook and Twitter so they turned to Snapchat which gave them raw uncensored video posts that disappeared after a day. Millennial’s posted videos, communicated with video and modified and doctored their videos with filters —- lot’s and lot’s of filters. Facebook not wanting to be outdone turned to Instagram for video delivery as well as launching Facebook Live. Along with Twitter’s Periscope live video everyone was off to the races to compete for each video clip on social media.

What makes video so compelling, what doesn’t? Think back to the last time to scrolled through your newsfeed on any social media channel.

What did you click on?

I would love to say that there’s a ton of stats that support the claim that social media posts with video have higher click through rates or are shared more than other posts. The truth is I can’t find one piece of evidence that supports this. This is a gut feeling. But a big shout out to Social Fresh for this stat.

Why? It’s social nature - people want raw, uncut and live interactions. Videos are popular because they give us the most real and interactive experience we can have on social channels.

Videos are what we want and what will make them dominate in 2017 is there ease of use. Ease of use from a creation stand point and from a viewing stand point.

Brands need to step up and embrace video creation into their social media strategy for 2017. Is your company using video posts on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Periscope? Are they effective? Let me know.

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