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Social media is taking MAKEUP sales by storm!

By ‘e-commerce’, I’m not just talking about the transaction part, I’m talking about the process the company creates to take their customers on a smooth, short trip to the shopping cart online.

Today, the new craze is makeup and skin care - everything about it; whether it’s the pigmentation of an eyeshadow, the lack of shimmer in a highlighter, or the way Kim K appeared with her new contoured look she achieved with a cooking utensil about a minute ago - all the ladies are going nuts trying to find the perfect products to make them look and feel their best, and now, they’re just one click away of purchasing them!

For example, NikkieTutorials is one of the many makeup gurus that comes up and keeps up with the newest and craziest makeup trends. Just the right amount of branding mixed with a little e-commere on social media.

NikkieTutorial's YouTube channel alone has over 6 million subscribers. Take a quick peek here.


Makeup brands really lucked out this year with their astronomical increase in sales, and they can give a huge thanks to their social media platforms for that.

Without their ability to post short, 30-second videos on how their new product makes all the difference, no one would be all that interested in trying it out.

Let’s face it, most people dread going out to buy what they need in stores just because of how easy it is to shop online and then have whatever you need delivered right to your doorstep. These videos and tutorials give their customers enough hype to instantly click the link and make their purchase online. The more aesthetically pleasing your video is, the more it will sell, it’s innovatively genius. Consumers love to see the details of the product; when texture is captured through bright, HD, and saturated pictures and videos, you’ll have the consumers eating out of your hand. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms have made it a lot more convenient for people to purchase products online by allowing brand ambassadors and social media managers to post links that take their customers directly to the product being shown.

Having e-commerce incorporated in social media works because of how easy and quick it is. Nowadays, most people have some sort of social media account, and follow other accounts that share the same interest as them, so when someone wants the lipstick Kim K used on her lips, all they have to do is click on the link right there or in that profile’s bio and, poof, they’ve got it!

Makeup brands should constantly keep in mind that people don’t always buy what they need, but what the eye sees!

What do you think, is social media changing e-commerce through make up?

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