• Michael J Lis

Becoming a Social Media Manager

When I first found out that this was a legitimate job I was astounded!

I would have never thought that the everyday social media apps and accounts I use for my personal life would then also be able to be used to help clients with their social media. I was familiar with Snapchat filters, Instagram posts, tweeting, and posting on Facebook - but I never thought that these social media channels could be used to market and brand products and services.

This position has challenged me positively using my creative side and writing abilities. Try putting your creativity in 140 characters for a tweet or 10 seconds to put an action shot into a Snapchat. The pros of being a social media manager is that every moment is exciting! You are given free spirit in what you decide to post and you are the person behind the phone, computer, and camera. Millions of other people who use social media can see all the posts you have made.

I haven’t found any negatives with being a Social Media Manager. You make your career and tap into your creative side. If you enjoy an upbeat, exciting, happy career life, this position allows you to have fun with your work. Not only is the job enjoyable, but you meet so many amazing individuals. Every day is a new learning experience whether it’s an update with Instagram or Snapchat's new features or it's an event that challenges your people skills. There is very little room for error-only growth. I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing team and having a position that I love.

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