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Using Social Media Influencers? Read this First

If you haven’t heard of influencers or influencer marketing then you have been living in the Dark Ages of social media. In 2017, influencers do product placements, sway public opinion, brand companies and that’s only a few of their uses.

According to an (Adweek report) 75% of marketers are using influencers.

Organizations like Rolex, Ford and Target have used influencer marketing. The reason is simple: Audiences trust influencers more than traditional advertisements.

My company has worked with many clients on influencer marketing campaigns. Along the way, I've learned that the most successful influencer marketing campaigns have elements in common. Here is my advice to brands and to marketers as they consider implementing an influencer marketing campaign.

1. Quantity does not always mean quality.

When evaluating the potential impact of an influencer, it’s tempting to go with the one who has more social media followers. More followers should mean more reach, and more reach will mean more visitors and ultimately more customers. Right?

It's better to choose a social media influencer who has a smaller but more dedicated audience than to go with numbers alone. A smaller influencer who is focused on your niche and has passionate followers will have more impact than a blockbuster influencer who couldn't care less about your brand.

2. Influencer campaigns can be measured.

Referral traffic is one metric that can easily be monitored via a tracking link. This helps marketers understand if an influencer is able to drive traffic to a brand's website. From there, marketers can monitor website behavior to determine if visitors engage with content (a sign that they are qualified) or if they immediately exit the site (a sign that they are unqualified).

Another metric to monitor is branded search volume. It may be difficult for an influencer to drive direct website visits. This is especially true on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, where sharing a URL is harder than on other networks. To approximate the impact an influencer has on the behavior of your target audience, use a tool like Google Analytics or Moz to see if there is a spike in search terms directly related to your brand.

3. It's a long-term game.

Influencer marketing usually serves as a brand awareness tactic that encourages social media users to take steps to learn more about your brand. For this reason, the best influencer marketing strategies have a lengthy time horizon.

Creating a long-term strategy to develop relationships with prospective customers who learned about your brand through an influencer will help to increase the return on investment your organization sees in the long run.

So where do you start? Obviously I would say go my company’s contact us page and we can go over options and pricing on an influencer marketing campaign. More importantly I would advise using a social media agency. The influencer landscape is difficult to navigate. Influencers require negotiation on fees and management of their services is almost a full time job.

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