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Speck media originally started as a tiny speck of an idea in 2009. Michael J Lis owner and CEO had been working with Fortune 500 companies on there digital efforts when he was approached by Starbucks to create a MySpace page for the company. This was when the idea of creating an agency that simply does social media for companies was inspired. Michael ran with this idea and started Speck media. It wasn't long before Speck was designing MySpace, Facebook and Twitter channels for companies. 

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Time flew by... and before you could tweet a 140 characters this tiny speck of a company grew up. Speck played a major role in Las Vegas working with MGM Resorts to deliver social media strategy to all their Las Vegas hotels. We didn't stop there, we end up working with chefs, music artists and start ups.  Speck delivered social media management and advertising in all 50 states for pretty much every industry imaginable. Our four deliverables: kickoff, idea session, editorial calendar and buzz report became the foundation of a strong social media strategy. 

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Then Speck got really big! Speck started working with other digital agencies, we branched out to L.os Angeles and began working with various celebrities on their personal accounts and business endeavors - Ryan Reynolds might ring a bell. We also started doing social media for Minor League Baseball and started Speck sports. 

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Today, we work with over 200 clients. We cover social media strategy, management, advertising, influencers, content creation and so much more. We have intellectual capital in every facet of social media. We have pioneered the narrative that your social media story is the most important aspect of your brand and we believe that you won't find a better partner in business... and social media agency then us 🎲

Michael J Lis our CEO will always say... don't read this, just buy social media from Speck. That being said, he is one of the foremost authorities on social media. He has delivered solutions to the Fortune 500 and to every industry in between. Adapt, deliver and grab a glass of wine with every client is Michael's saying. Text him direct: 630-220-8580 or email him at



Our creativity is what makes us great. We strive to find creative solutions that make your social media better.



Our attention to details is what clients love. We make sure that we listen to your feedback so that we truly become a partner in your success.

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