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Need social media? We have you covered. Plus we might even cook for you.

We are a full service social media agency covering all aspects of social media. From training, social campaigns, strategy, influencers and advocacy, content creation and management. 

Our social media strategists combine their knowledge and experience to deliver on your project goals. 

Packages are available (off the shelf) or you can combine multiple services.




Most companies overlook training for their social media department. With 4 of 5 new hires not knowing essential skills for social media companies are missing out. We train social media people, executives and small business owners. We offer programs on a specific channel like LinkedIn or broad based programs on posting or how to run a social media department. Training can be in-person or virtual. We offer one-time course or monthly programs. 

Price range ($500 to $5,000).

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Social media campaigns are an essential part of any social media strategy. We specialize in campaigns that can boost your current organic reach as well as campaigns that can launch a product or service offering. Our campaign offering entails: goal setting, campaign design, launch and monitoring, reporting. Campaigns can be purchased monthly or concurrently. 

Price range is based on what you want to spend (typical month ad spend is $1,500 and up).

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Having a social media strategy is the most important thing you can do for your business. Posting just to post doesn't work and having the receptionist do a weekly post won't get the job done. Our social media strategy outlines your goals, designs a theme for your posts, manages and interacts with customers, breaks down the successes and opportunities. 

Price is fixed (based on your goals) Duration is 90 days. 

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Did you know that influencer posts account for 83% of all posts on social media? We outline a story plan based on your goals. The story plan also gives the influencers a path to follow for their posts. This way everyone is on the same page and everything is planned in advance. Advocacy projects are on of the most beneficial things a company can do and most don't do it. We determine who your advocates are on social media channels and then organize and incentivize them to act on the behalf of your company. 

Projects vary in price based on the influencers we choose.

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Sometimes organization just need a helping hand. We help internal social media departments, small business owners and agencies with all types of content creation for social media. Say you need 15 TikTok posts created or 5 YouTube videos, maybe just a webinar. We do it all. Professional handcrafted social media content.

Prices vary by amount and type of content.

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Does your company already post regularly on social media? What about the comments, the likes and the conversations happening with your posts? We offer fully integrated community management. Supporting giveaways, promotions and engaging with your audience. 

Prices vary by amount and type of content.



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