different companies need different types of social media help. 

we have several service offerings that are strategically focused to help companies in every stage and at every level.  


We believe in a comprehensive look at social media. This begins with having a strategy​, To us...providing organizations with a roadmap on how you should approach social media is the most important thing. We want to give you the knowledge, the advice and the tools to be successful.

Social Media Strategy (6 month project)
- perfect for small or large companies
- fixed price
- includes content creation, monthly posting with managment, and analytics


Our social media strategy process contains four deliverables. Its purpose is to correctly execute on a client's goals using social media. Having a process is the best way to understand what is being purchased and have tangible deliverables that relate back to the stated goals. You get to see the results of the strategy (specific return on investment) and have the ability to modify the strategy based on changes and outcomes.

Social Media Advertising
- perfect for companies that need a boost reaching a niche audience
- multiple pricing plans
- includes ad creation, placement and management


Is your social media hung over? Advertising on social media channels helps companies reach new customers and stay in touch. Most organic social media posts reach only 38% of there intended audience. With social media advertising the average goes up to 89%. You set your budget and we create and manage your ads to reach all the right people.

Social Retargeting
- use social to retargeting to drive sales
- multiple pricing plans
- includes ad creation, placement and management


Social Retargeting allows you to follow up with your best prospects – it’s similar to using email follow-up, except with retargeting, you’re following up by displaying ads on social media. You know they are interested in what you have to offer because they have already visited your website.

IDEA Session & Social Media Training
- perfect for small or large companies
- fixed price
- includes two hour session and output results

Give us two hours and we can do two things for your business:


1. Refresh your ideas and stories so that your social media content stands out among the rest. Our goal is to create compelling ideas and stories that can be used on a company’s social media channels. At the end of an IDEA Session we have between three to four ideas which are coupled to many 60-100 stories. 


2. For about the same costs to send one employee to a social media conference, your company could have hired SPECK Media to speak directly to its social media team. We offer a curriculum of social media content targeted to your EXACT NEEDS. 

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