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A SWOT helps you make smart, informed business decisions. 

We use social media to do the SWOT. 


What the heck does that mean? There’s no better way to understand a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by looking through the lens of social media. Using both your company’s accounts and listening to conversations and feedback on social media we provide a comprehensive breakdown of what is going on. 

It takes us just two weeks and two meetings.

For us, it’s about understanding your business and going into rapid fire mode to apply our social media SWOT analysis. We require an initial 30 minute meeting to meet and determine any specific areas of social that we should focus on. Next, we take two weeks to perform the analysis. After that period we schedule another 30 minute meeting to review our results. 

  • SWOT Analysis

    Valid for one month

For just a small investment.

You will have a valuable PDF deck that. can deliver new insights on where your business currently is, and help you to develop exactly the right strategy for any situation.

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Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 6.13.53 PM.png

What Clients Say

"We used the Speck SWOT last year and learned what clients were saying about our field reps, we decided to streamline the process and bring sales in-house"

Brian Wilson, CEO Varco Supply

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