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Keeping Up with Social Media Trends

As social media is constantly evolving, it can be pretty frustrating trying to keep up with all of the current social media trends. But don’t worry because you are not alone.

Whether it is keeping your own profile up to date or following along with what is trending on social media, there are many tricks and tips to help. Social media is a very fast pace industry, but the key to successful social media strategies is to stay up to date with the trending content. To help reduce some of that frustration, here are some of the current trends that are surfacing online:


Influencers on social media are the new hottest thing. Influencers are all over social media, promoting products and brands.

Starting out in 2020 during the pandemic, influencers were being relied on to help out certain brands and businesses. But now, influencer marketing is one of the most successful ways to market online.

Whether it is Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook, influencers have taken over each platform. Their power on social media has skyrocketed and increased exposure while advertising and marketing.

Which influencers have you seen on social media? Have they made an impact on your experiences with a brand or business?


Hashtags is another huge trend on social media. Hashtags have made finding social media accounts and updates effortless.

Hashtags can be short and simple, but still get to the point and take you exactly to what you are searching for. Using a hashtag for a post, or a caption, can help boost the post, increase exposure and engagement.

If you don’t know what to use in a hashtag, here are key points to focus on:

  1. Make it unique

  2. Easy to remember

  3. Focuses on the message

  4. Aligns with the brand


Keeping a consistent theme on social media accounts is also another go-to trend that has surfaced on platforms. Social media users are drawn to appealing accounts, which tend to rely on a certain theme.

When brainstorming and deciding on a theme, there are many factors that will help this process. A theme has a consistent color scheme, so think about which colors align with your logo or images.

Another key factor to take into consideration is the content theme. Are the photos posted appealing and fit into a certain category? The content should align with your brand and business, but also be able to fit into the theme of your account.

Having a consistent theme for your profile will not only make it appealing to other social media users, but it will allow your audience to remember your account and posts due to the consistent colors and messages.

Social Media is constantly evolving, so how are you staying up to date online? When trying to keep up with the current trends, especially when including them in your own account posts and profile, it is important to be an innovative thinker.

Media content should be fun for your audience, so it is key to keep up with the current trends.

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