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The Dirty Side of Social Media in Vegas

Huge thanks to StripLV Magazine in Las Vegas for giving me the opportunity to write this article for them, this article originally appeared in their magazine.

Adult entertainers, beach clubs, DJs and just about anything or anyone else your mind can imagine uses social media in Las Vegas.

It was said that the porn industry was the first to embrace the internet when it came out. That being said, Vegas is leading the way when it comes to using social media for commerce and communication. Yes there’s a dirty side of social media in Vegas and you only need to read a little further to find out about it.

Let’s begin with adult entertainers because they are all over Twitter when is comes to Vegas. Name the venue and you can find adult entertainers tweeting about the great time you can have if you visit their club. Most of these social savvy women are recruiting bachelor parties via tweets. There’s even a Las Vegas Strippers Directory Twitter account (@strippervegas) boasting over 3,000 followers, so if you can recall the stage name of the stripper you were passing $20 bills to the last time you were in Vegas odds are you can find them again.

Gentlemen Clubs are just as predominant on Twitter as the entertainers. The competition is fierce and the tweets, images and promotions surrounding these clubs are big business. Not only do you have well know clubs like the Spearmint Rhino tweeting but promoters and major Vegas hotels have joined in on the conversation. Do a quick Twitter search and you will be shocked at the deals you can find on limo services to a club or VIP entrance to one. I guarantee that a better deal is waiting for you on Twitter than on the strip with one of those famous business card handouts by the locals. Twitter brings it to your fingertips or should I say your cell phone.

Most likely you will be hung over the next day and the best way to cure that hangover is a beach club. What could be better than 500 people with skin tight bathing suits dancing the afternoon away? Beach clubs are on the cutting edge when it comes to social media. Sure Twitter is cool, but Snapchat and Vine provide a lot more action when it comes to luring Vegas tourists and locals to the best beach club. Take Encore Beach Club for example, these guys are posting crazy pictures of the action at this club, but even better than that are the fantastic videos that make you want to grab a taxi and head straight to the club. Vegas beach clubs and Instagram give you a great 360 degree showcase of what’s going on at the club – as I said before, this is in real-time. These beach club social media managers are taking videos as the action is happening so you know immediately if this is where you want to go to work off your hangover.

Finally lets talk DJs. In the past year Las Vegas has exploded with A List DJs like Deadmau5, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, and David Guetta. If you love dance music Vegas has become the capital of it, but if you want to go deeper and really immerse yourself in the lives and the day to day routines of these DJs there’s no better communication tool then social media. You need to do a little searching to find out which social media channel is your DJ’s favorite but once you do the access is unreal. Deadmau5 is all over Tumblr posting images of his sports car, home and backstage concert photos. The marketing department at Wynn took things to a new level last year when they launch the social entertainment guide for the Las Vegas dance scene. Don’t take my word for it go visit the site yourself and see what you are missing.

The clubs, people and talent that make up Las Vegas have embraced social media as an outlet for success!

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