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There’s lack of good social with Small Business Reality TV

There’s a real lack of social media when it comes to small businesses that appear on reality TV shows!

Call me a business reality TV junkie but I watch a ton of CNBC business shows: The Profit, Shark Tank and Restaurant Startup to name a few. I enjoy the small business advice, process and the deals made by the investors. Unlike most people - I’m usually watching these show live and thus track the small businesses being helped on social networks. Stay with me, but I’m always astounded by how bad there social media is - if any at all!

Many have no presence, some have a few tweets and followers and others simply get a boost from the show appearance. I’ve gotten to a point where I troll these companies to see if they need help and many don’t ever respond.

So what’s going on?

Socially, the network CNBC understands social media and they do a fantastic job of building up the entrepreneurs, the show and even the small businesses that appear, mostly on Twitter. There’s a good social conversation going on about the episodes. Marcus Lemonis from CNBC’s The Profit even has dabbled into Periscope during the course of the show and the social media traffic is unbelievable. But, just like a birthday party once the candles are blown out so does the social media attention.