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Why social media strategies fail

There is a lot of reasons why social media strategies fail and even more articles on the internet on how you can fix your strategy. Stop for a moment and contemplate that your strategy may not be broken at all just misguided.

To demonstrate, let’s put things in a practical sense, say you own ABC Socks.

The goal might be to sell as many pairs of socks as possible and since you are using social to sell them almost every social media manager and agency is going to tell you that you need to reach as many people on social as possible. More people equals more impressions and more reach.

A lot of large companies and small businesses have this goal and they set their strategy to reach it accordingly but doing something different is what you need to do on social.

Turning your social media strategy around would prove less time consuming and more cost effective.

Here’s a few examples for ABC Socks:

  1. Follow and make meaningful connections with college athletes and trainers on social. Share and promote their content and ideas. When others see who is sharing your content they are likely to follow you. The college athletes and trainers are also more likely to share your content among important decision makers in their industry.

  2. Take an abstract approach to posts. Post images like the top of your sock, this inside of a shoe or a of feet without socks on them. This type of imagery makes users want to learn more and finish the picture in their head.

  3. For social advertising, target a group of individuals that can motivate others to make buying decisions. Look to Moms from small suburban neighborhoods with well know high school sports teams. Run multiple types of ads that encourage them to share your post. Your advertising will go further at a lower cost.

Think of this as the MAG social media approach and it is a great way to plug your social media into your customers.

  • Meaningful connections

  • Abstract posts

  • Group advertising

Many business owners and CMOs forget that in social media there’s two factors going against you. One, there’s a ton of competing companies on social media. Two, all these companies are pretty much doing the same thing on social thus making it more difficult for you to accomplish your goal.

Let me here from you. What type of social media strategy are you using? Is it working?

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