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Buying fake followers is SO 2014.

As a social media firm, of course, we get asked, “Well why don’t we just buy followers to increase our follower count, we will look more credible”. Without trying to burst out with a “NO not a good idea” to our client, it is vital we explain the repercussions that buying FAKE followers will cost your brand. In fact, we did our research that explains why… Here are 4 reasons why you should NOT purchase fake followers:

1. It can be pricey

Buying followers from a credible site can add up quickly. Especially when you need to buy a couple thousand or more. You also will likely need to keep purchasing to keep up the count unless you put in a lot of back work to organically grow your account.

2. It can be difficult to find truly credible sites to purchase from

Lots of sites are going to claim they buy real followers but how they define real followers may be different from how you define real followers. They may have accounts run by bots which sometimes the algorithm can detect.

3. Purchased followers may start to unfollow you - FAST!

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