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Here’s How You’re Going to Use Marketing Psychology to Grow on TikTok

It is no question why TikTok is once again the most downloadable app in 2021. Content creators are fully taking advantage of this platform to grow their brand or business. How are they doing it? The answer really is that easy - by simply mastering the marketing behind it.

Now you could be thinking, where do I start?

In this article we’re breaking down the dos and don’ts on how to quickly grow your brand using Marketing Psychology. I’ve also included tips from some successful creators on how they were able to reach a wider audience. Get out your notepad because here is how you’re going to grow your TikTok page this summer!

What NOT to Do

Let’s start with what not do when trying to get your target audience to engage with your videos.

  1. Have High Expectations (after posting only 5 videos)

Naturally we live in a world where we want instant gratification, and we want to see our numbers quickly increase. But the downfall to that is disappointment when our expectations aren’t met. Your first videos won’t be perfect, and mistakes will be made but improve as you go! The key is to just start somewhere, build your credibility and make note of which videos your audience is engaging with the most.

  1. Post aimlessly

You’re posting to get your audience’s attention, right? So, lead with value and a good hook that will keep their interest before their attention span gives up. Put yourself in a professional marketing teams’ perspective and ask yourself how I can convey my brand and message with a call to action in a video all under the first eight seconds.

  1. Ignore the quality of your videos

A blurry video and poor sound are a big enough reason for someone to scroll right past your video before seeing what you have to say. High-quality videos on TikTok perform better than low-quality videos. Look into the settings of the app and device you are using to record, and this quick fix can improve your reach immensely!

What to DO

To be successful with any new venture you begin you have to strategize; make a plan and work your plan. Don’t just work harder than everyone else, work smarter. When using the tricks of marketing psychology to effectively execute your videos you’re destined to grow and maintain a target audience. Here are three ways you are going to successfully market your TikTok videos.

  1. Commit to a Niche

This is important in giving people a reason to watch your videos and hit that follow button. You want them to know exactly what your page is about and how your content will be valuable to them. Optimize your bio, your video captions and make your hashtags all related to your niche.

  1. Lead with Value

Once you define your niche this sets you up for success to offer valuable content to your audience. Viewers want to be able to get something out of your videos a laugh, motivation, knowledge, an idea etc. At this point your content has everything to do with your audience. So, ask yourself this, how can my niche bring value to my target audience? A couple of ideas could be “Here’s What You Need to Start Eating to Tone Your Abs” or “Top Five Restaurants in Chicago You Need to Try This Summer.”

  1. Start Posting and Don’t Stop!

Getting started is probably the hardest part but we all start from somewhere! You have to begin to post, even your imperfect content to test the waters and see what begins to pick up traction. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and pivot to different ideas as you go. The more consistent you are in bringing value to someone’s For You Page the more trust you are building with that viewer, and they will engage more with your videos.

Tips From Successful Creators

Do you think content creators were experts in leveraging their TikTok platforms when they first began? Definitely not. The learning process of marketing your videos is all a part of the success of your page. In other words, there is no such thing as failure just lessons learned and continuity.

The first tip is to have high energy in your videos; this will be conducive to your page’s overall growth. The second tip is to have 50-100 video ideas written down to stay on a consistent posting schedule. The last tip is to not be so hard on yourself! There is no ceiling to how creative one can be so try it all. There is a whole audience waiting for you to share your expertise!

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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Aug 31, 2023

Tik tok is the coolest platform to realize your potential, expand your opportunities and influence. And the most important thing is that it is free. All you need is to stock up on a phone with an acceptable camera and a good video processing application. I recommend a website that will help a beginner in working with videos

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