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With the digital era we’ve found ourselves in, it’s become crucial for companies and corporations to utilize social media platforms. One of the driving forces of social media use in companies is marketing. Without a strong social media presence, many businesses won’t reach their full potential. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more, help companies spread awareness to a larger audience than ever before. But to be successful in using social media, you must know exactly how to use to generate the best marketing outcomes possible.

Kevin Leyes, Chairman of Leyes Empire and CEO of Leyes Media and VVS, writes that there are 4 steps that you can take to increase your marketing game using social media:

1. Measure Engagement

On social media, your engagement is measured by the number of likes, comments, and shares a single post gets. Not only that, but it also can be measured by your follower's growth and decline, mentions, hashtags, tags, and click-throughs. One of the great things about social media is that it generates results immediately. To have an account and following for your company is one thing, but it’s important to have followers that are engaging with posts. It’s like riding a bike with no air in the tires - you have the bike, which is great, but you won’t get very far with it until you fill-up the tires.

2. Constantly Be On Your Customer’s Minds

Now that you have engaged followers, you don’t want them to go anywhere. This can be achieved through posting consistently and regularly. Your audience is always scrolling through their feeds, and by seeing your posts often, there will be an increase in exposure, which in turn will increase awareness. Think of it as building a relationship with your audience and followers. They need to see you often or they will quickly forget.

3. Don’t Just Say, Show Customers Why Your Product/Service Is So Amazing

Social media gives brands and companies the opportunity to showcase their products and services in more ways than one in a convenient, efficient, and appealing manner. From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, finding which mediums best fit your marketing goals is key.

4. Manipulate The Algorithm

In social media marketing, algorithms can, and should, be your best friend. You can amplify your engagement by keeping up with current events and trends, and by knowing the best days and times to post on each platform. Leyes also suggests doing contests, asking questions, giving gifts, and reposting customer's posts and stories. Anything that generates or prompts a response from followers will aid in engagement.

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