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The Real Impact of Social Media

Top 3 Reasons Social Media is Important

In the past, companies were able to gain new clients by passing out flyers, cold calling, or even attending trade shows. In this day and age, everything is digital, and there are about 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. This means that there is a greater (and far easier) chance of your business gaining new clients through digital marketing efforts, specifically social media content. Even though the previous marketing strategies mentioned are key factors in gaining new clients, in order to stand out from your competitors and have the voice of your brand be known, social media is critical for a successful business.

Below I have provided three reasons on how utilizing social media will drastically improve your marketing efforts.

1.) It will boost your brand awareness. By uploading social media content whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you are providing potential customers a glimpse of what type of company you are and what products/services you provide. A couple examples of content you could create on social media channels are uploading enticing pictures of your products on Instagram and Facebook or even generating hilarious tweets on Twitter that share your company's culture and voice. This will engage potential customers to go on your website and learn how your company can help them, therefore, boosting your overall brand awareness.

2.) It’s a way to connect with customers in a timely manner. Customers who have questions about the products and/or services that your company provides could be waiting up to a week before your Marketing team has enough time to respond to them. This may be due to in